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Sapa Rainwater Catchment System

Our first rainwater catchment design and build in Sapa, North Sulawesi Indonesia.



Region / Location

Sapa, North Sulawesi


Sapa is a coastal village located two hours from the nearest city of Manado.

Team / Volunteers

Mara Lepere-Schloop led a team of local builders, project coordinators and translators at the local middle school to build the water catchment system. Karel Turang worked as an educator, teaching over 300 students about clean drinking water.

Project Detail

Headed by Mara Lepere-Schloop and joined by Australian water engineer Jack Timmins, the team worked with the school children and local community members to build a surprisingly simple system to catch, store, and treat rainwater into clean drinking water for the school children.

The design of the system, co-designed by Mara and Abigail Feldman, is made to be simple and cost effective enough that the local people can copy and make their own versions of it at home.  LTL also implemented its Water is Life education program, taught by Karel Turang, which taught all the students of Sapa about rain water, clean water, and how the rain water catchment system works, and how they can build their own at home. Prior to this system, the parents of the school children were spending upwards of 25% of their already precious household income on drinking water, and when often they could not afford it would have to resort to drinking the brackish or dirty well water they had access to.

Aims / Results


Liter drinking water capacity.


School children educated on how rainwater is captured and filtered to be drinking water.