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Bunaken Water System Repair

Repair & Implementation of a Water Filtration System



Region / Location

Tanjung Perigi, Bunaken Island


System now provides Treated Water to 100 Families.

Team / Volunteers

Jack Timmins led a small team of local and international laborers and volunteers to implement this program.

Project Detail

Some years ago the small inland community on Bunaken was provided with a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System that should have provided them with palatable treated water. However the system was literally ‘dropped in’, the plumbing never started, the feedwater pumps never purchased and ultimately the filtration system had never been turned on.

The project required an initial detailed review of the system in order to determine if the system was salvageable and what upgrades/modifications were required. We also completed detailed testing of the proposed feedwater to ensure it was suitable for RO.

To get the system up and running we completed the following:

  • Purchased and installed new feedwater pumps down the 8m deep well.
  • Installed approximately 400m of pipework from the well to the RO system. (thanks to everyone who helped with the digging!!)
  • Fixed many leaks on the existing pipework.
  • Inspection and installation of the RO membranes.
  • Cleaning and installation of the UV disinfection system.
  • Re-piped the RO system ensure the system would work and make it simple to operation.
  • Suppled 2 new generators for the feed pumps and RO system.
  • Re-configured the Feed Water tanks, provided vents and installed insect protection screens on all connections.
  • Cleaned and disinfected the Feed Water Tanks, Treated Water Tanks and pipework.
  • Turned it on with all our fingers crossed!!

Aims / Results


meters of new pipework installed.


families now have access to clean drinking water.

Project Updates

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