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Bunaken School Rainwater Catchment System

Completed June 2015.



Region / Location

Bunaken Village


This project was built at the local high school on Bunaken Island which educates over 400 students neighboring islands.

Team / Volunteers

Elizabeth Chen lead a team of local and international volunteers to provide clean water to one of the largest villages on Bunaken. Oliver MacLatchy, of Wood Melbourne, joined the team to lend his expertise with timber to the project.

Project Detail

After successfully installing a rainwater catchment system at the elementary school on Siladen Island in 2014, and in Sapa in 2013, the LTL Sustainable Water Team were excited to create a similar system on Bunaken Island in 2015. After liaising with the local government and school administration, collecting building materials from the mainland, the Water Team implemented the design and installation of a rainwater catchment and filtration system on Bunaken.

We have strong existing ties with the local community on the island through running our annual medical clinics there and were excited to have built on those relationships by employing local tradesman and collaborating with the residents to achieve everyone’s ideal outcomes for the project.

As of June 26th 2015, we have successfully installed the sustainable rainwater harvest and filtration system at the school on Bunaken.

Aims / Results


people reside in Bunaken Village and many more work off the shores daily.


Students learned how to build their own rainwater catchment system at home.

Project Updates

Bunaken school water system completed!

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