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LTL South Africa

Working to build capacity of healthcare workers and provide health education in rural South Africa.


South Africa

Region / Location



HIV/AIDS affected parents in South Africa can be in too poor of health to care for their children, or die from their illness leaving their children in the care of their grandparents. Ensuring that those grandparents are healthy and have a good foundation of health education will help both generations live healthy productive lives.

Team / Volunteers

2 Doctors
1 Pediatrics Nurse Practitioner
4 Registered Nurses
1 Nutritionist/Dietitian
1 Public Health Specialist

Project Detail

LearnToLive South Africa began in October of 2015. We partnered with an established NGO Woza Moya, a community-based NGO located in the Ufafa Valley of rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. They asked LearnToLive to come to help with the development of protocols for the health clinics with a focus on compliance with HIV medications as well as multi resistant TB medications. LearnToLive is also developed and ran capacity building sessions for the health care workers of Woza Moya focusing on patient compliance of medications as well as primary health instruction.

The LearnToLive team provided Wellness Clinics for the Gogo’s ( Grannies ) and their grandchildren. Reproductive health program were conducted in 4 schools to their teenage population. LTL also worked to build capacity of the community health workers, providing sessions on health, nutrition, and the social elements of health. With the help of Days For Girls packs, we taught the women of the community how to make reusable menstruation hygiene kits.

Aims / Results


South Africans dying from AIDS-related illnesses in 2012.


Prevalence of HIV in South Africa's population.

Project Updates

South Africa Update: Letter from Yanti

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