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Nutrition & WASH Program

establishing a baseline evaluation of nutrition and sanitation to improve the future.



Region / Location

Houn District, Oudomxay Province


The Oudomxay province lies in the NorthWest corner of Laos and borders China to the north.

Team / Volunteers

Casey Miller & Iben McCormick-Ricket lead the LTL portion of this team of nutritionists and researchers in conjunction with World Food Programme.

Project Detail

Learn To Live, in partnership with ADRA and the World Food Programme, has conducted qualitative and quantitative data collection within the Houn district of the Oudomxay province of Laos.

Phase 1: Baseline data was gathered in the Spring of 2014 and included a questionnaire evaluating nutrition and and malnutrition related diseases.

We have led different focus groups for women, men and children in order to learn the villagers’ perceptions of health and nutrition as well as the roles of men and women within the community. This has also involved a set of questions that are asked to randomly selected families in each community. The questions aim to gauge food security and access to clean water, among other things. LTL is analyzing the data and preparing a paper containing the discovered information to aid ADRA with its intervention.

There are three phases to this project. The initial phase has been completed, with a follow up and final phase to come in 2015 and 2016.

Aims / Results


of children measured were classified as stunted.


of the children measured were underweight for their age.