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Laos Maternal Child Health

Improving the health of mothers & babies, educating women & men about their reproductive health, and training new ultrasound technicians.



Region / Location

Mok Mai


LTL is working in conjunction with ADRA to expand their reach and promote hopes to reduce the high incidence of infant mortality in the region.

Team / Volunteers

Midwives, nurses, ultrasound specialists, and medical evaluation professionals comprise our annual team.

Project Detail

LearnToLive has developed a partnership with the well established global NGO ADRA. LearnToLive has developed a program focused on maternal child health and reproductive education in the region of Mok Mai, where ADRA has a long standing presence. Infant mortality and childhood malnutrition are high in this area, and by combining ADRA’s infrastructure along with LTL’s expertise we are looking to substantially reduce the rates of childhood deaths and improve overall maternal childhood health in the area.

Mok Mai is a very isolated and impoverished district near the Vietnamese border, most of the villagers lack primary education and have access to only very basic health care. ADRA has done work there expanding access to clean water and sanitation, and now we are working together on maternal child health care and education. Our founder Yanti Turang and Dr. Rocky Mollere have developed a two tier program that focuses on educating young women and men about health and increasing the knowledge of the already present Traditional Birth Attendants.

In 2015 LTL delivered a comprehensive ultrasound education program. LTLSCAN was delivered to the local clinicians at the District hospital in Mok Mai. The team was lead by Dr. Marsia Vermeulen and Dr. Nicole Kaban from NYC along with two NYU fellows. The team delivered a series of lectures to the local clinicians along with interactive sessions with two ultrasound machines. LTL and ADRA donated a brand new ultrasound machine to the hospital, which provides a much needed resource to help people in the region lead healthy, happy and productive lives.

Aims / Results


of births in Laos are attended by a skilled Health Professional.


of maternal deaths could be eliminated if unplanned pregnancies are prevented.

Project Updates

ADRA Sign in Mok Mai Laos

Announcing our partnership with ADRA

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Yanti walks through Mok Mai

Planning a new program in Laos

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