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Indonesian Health Initiative

Providing preventative care, health education, and health assessment clinics in North Sulawesi since 2012.



Region / Location

North Sulawesi


Serving villages in a variety of geographic regions throughout North Sulawesi.

Team / Volunteers

Doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, and administrative volunteers come from all over the world to our program every year.

Project Detail

The mission of the Indonesian Health Initiative is to provide primary health care, early interventions, and health education to the people of North Sulawesi who are unable to travel or to pay for healthcare. A secondary programmatic goal is to inspire and create a learning environment for international healthcare workers so they may bring their experiences of Indonesia back to their country of origin and be better healthcare workers. Clinical participants gain experience with a team of international colleagues while working alongside local Indonesian doctors and nurses.

Led by Yanti Turang, RN, the team includes medical professionals from the USA and Australia. The participants travel through North Sulawesi to many different villages in coastal, mountainous, jungle, and island geographic regions. Working with the local community they provide multi day health care clinics, onsite referrals to local and regional medical facilities, and health and sanitation education to all ages. As the communities we service become better attuned to their health and gain access to sustainable health services, we seek new communities that require assistance father from district health centers. It’s a wonderful feeling to see a village get healthier every year and use the health education we provide to become a health sustainable community!

Aims / Results


patients assessed in 8 villages in North Sulawesi every year.


International clinicians from three continents have attended to our patients since 2012.

Project Updates

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On the Ground in Indonesia

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Have you ever wanted to volunteer to help others while also getting to travel and experience another culture?  See how you can get involved in our projects:
We will be looking to fill the following volunteer positions for next year:
Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Optometrists, Dermatologists, Mental Health Clinicians, Wound Care Specialists, Physiotherapists, Diabetes Educators, and many more medical specialties!
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