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Global Health Student Program

Helping health students explore the world of global health and experience community health care in a whole new way.



Region / Location

North Sulawesi


Students are partnered with international health clinicians at our clinics in 5 villages, including 2 islands.

Team / Volunteers

Emily Bishop & Donny McKay lead our student program as our clinical teachers. Steph Gibson coordinates our program activities, hospital, and facility visits in Indonesia.

Project Detail

Learn To Live student program aims to expand an undergraduate students’ cultural competence with an opportunity to experience community life and work in a culturally diverse environment. Since 2013, Learn To Live has accepted nursing and health students from Nicholls State University and Louisiana State University in the USA and La Trobe University in Australia to join us in North Sulawesi Indonesia. The students participate in an orientation program at their university, and locally once in Indonesia. Students work alongside RNs and MDs in our health clinics seeing a treating patients under the supervision of LTL’s clinical teacher and preceptors.

The students have the opportunity to work with a range of RNs with differing specialities including; mental health, child & maternal health, community health and wound care nurse specialists. Students rotate through different areas of our clinic such as triage, registration and pharmacy. We also have a health promotion program where students can get involved in teaching local children positive health messages such as hand hygiene and oral health care.

Students have the opportunity to visit local hospitals in Manado and Tomohon to gain an insight into the health care systems in cities and rural areas. Students also visit a Tomohon nursing school, where they met Indonesian nursing students and learn about nursing education in Indonesia. In the future, LTL hopes to partner with Indonesian nursing schools, to help share and expand health care education.

Aims / Results


students since 2013 have participated in our Indonesian Health Initiative.


International University Partnerships:
Tulane University
Louisiana State University
Nicholls State University
La Trobe University, Australia

The Global Health Student Program is suited to anyone interested in global health care and provides an excellent education experience forming a fantastic base for a career in health care. Read some statements from our former students:

“I felt that learning nursing assessment hands on with a variety of different nurse specialists gave me a wide scope of information to draw upon and apply in the future”

“An experience that nothing else will compare to for my nursing.”

“I have been amazed at the scale of impact we are having on these communities”

“Being able to work with such a variety of passionate people and learn and be supported by all of them has been amazing!”

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