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Our Mission

LearnToLive joins with communities worldwide to improve quality of life through healthcare, education, and access to clean water while building global citizens and future leaders in healthcare.

Quick Facts

Started in 2011


Learn To Live

Teaching people today to change tomorrow

Our History

LearnToLive was started in 2011 by Yanti Turang who observed first hand the gaps in the health care system, lack of health education, and lack of access to clean water in rural Indonesia.

LearnToLive began with our first scout and excursion trip to North Sulawesi, Indonesia in August 2011 to find the communities that needed the most help. Since then we have run successful health clinics with teams of volunteer nurses, doctors, and medical students providing basic health care and health education in Sapa, Beringin, Likupang, Siladen, and Bunaken. Our water teams have constructed rainwater catchment systems in Sapa and Siladen, repaired an existing water filtration system on Bunaken Island, and implemented a school curriculum about clean water in these areas. We have expanded our scope globally to Laos in partnership with ADRA and The World Food Organization to run both maternal child health programs, reproductive health education, ultrasound training, and a nutritional survey in Mok Mai.

Ever expanding, we will be launching a Community Mental Health Program in Tomohon, North Sulawesi Indonesia in 2015 and partnering with Woza Moya in South Africa to focus on HIV medication compliance.

Message from LTL Founder

Hello friends,

As a girl, I frequently visited North Sulawesi, the region in Indonesia where my father and his family are from. During these visits, I saw first hand the devastation of a virtually nonexistent healthcare system, further compounded by limited education. After several trips to North Sulawesi, I realized something needed to be done.

LearnToLive (LTL) began as a simple idea: provide basic healthcare and education to people who would otherwise have nothing. I truly believe that everyone, regardless of geography, income or race has the right to knowledge and education. With these tools, people can become empowered to make better decisions about their health and the health of their family.

As the concept of LTL grew, my mission and the mission of LTL became clearer. In July 2012, I took a team of 24 people, comprised of medical personnel, engineers and public health practitioners to North Sulawesi. Our goal, like my original idea for LTL was simple: provide healthcare and education to those in need. My team did just that. We saw nearly 700 patients from four different villages and created a rainwater catchment system for one community. We return to these villages each year and provide basic healthcare. In addition, LTL helped build two additional rain water catchment systems with plans to build another in 2015. Since 2012, we’ve seen over 2000 patients and in 2014, LTL began developing the infrastructure for a community based mental healthcare service.

Today, LTL has programs in Indonesia, Laos and South Africa. While our programs and reach are expanding, our goals remain grounded in our simple, albeit, powerful mission: To alleviate suffering in remote areas of the world, while building global citizens and future leaders in healthcare.

With the right people and a positive attitude, anything is possible.

Thanks for visiting our website. Wishing you all the best.


Executive Director and Founder

Our Partners

LearnToLive often partners with established non-profits who need health care teams to service communities in which they are currently working. If you have a non-profit and think we can help you in your mission, drop us a line at